Hamster Nail Art

Hamster Nail Art

Hamster Nail Art

| Posted 8/16/19 | Blogs

Today, I have a hamster nail art design to share with you! Hamster is one of my favourite animals on planet, and my very first pet that I bought when I was 14, after saving up all my housework money for months ?

I just love when they stuff their cheek pockets with their favourite foods, such as sunflower seeds, peanuts and vegetables!

Usually, I use acrylic paint for hand painting, but today I went all gel polishes! How was it? Well…

The great thing about using gel polish is that I can spend as much time as I want perfecting the design, because the design won’t set until I cure it with the lamp!

The not so great thing about using gel polishes was that the design gets thicker and thicker as I apply more colours on top of each other. Acrylic paint allows me to apply layers and layers of paint and the design doesn’t get thick.

I’ve used some mermaid confetti, sandwiched in between gel polishes so that they sparkle like bokeh lights in the background.

Here is the video of how I created this Hamster nail art – I hope you enjoy!